Message from the Chairman & Project Director

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

I am grateful to Almighty Allah for making me able to tread all the difficult pathways in establishing this college.

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Message from the Principal

This is indeed a great pleasure for me to be associated with and be a part of City Dental College- a unique dental institution. Since the beginning. City Dental College is being considered among the best private..

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This department has 3 (Three) fully equipped dental units with supply of central compressed air and central vaccum.

Average number of Patients treated per month : 330

The following treatment are being given by the department.

  1. Root Canal Treatment.
  2. Light cure composite filling.
  3. Glass ionomer filling.
  4. Amulgum filling.
  5. Inlay.
  6. Onlay.
  7. Endodontic Surgery.
  8. Apisectomy.
  9. Hemisection.
  10. Avulsed Tooth Management.

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