Why Choose Us

Discover a brighter future in City Dental College. Be a part of City Dental College & build your carrier in Dental Surgery.

  • CDC is approved by the ministry of Health & Family wale fare, Govt. of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Affiliated with the University of Dhaka and is recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.
  • CDC stands for modern scientific, creative and skill based education.
  • The ultimate idea of professional development of its students.
  • The best thing about an institution is to be able to kindle the fire of desire for leaning in the hearts of its students.
  • We believe that CDC has so far achieved this goal.
  • The mission of CDC is to produce humane leading dentists who are innovative and have the international perspective to become professionals with broad vision and ethics.
  • The total number of books is over 5863 and is constantly replenished. It subscribes to over 855 journals and 45 magazines and has a separate reference and journals section.
  • CDC library uses a modern database using CDS/ISIS.
  • Users may find research materials, slides and A/V Cassettes, and search a number of CD-ROM database.