Linda Success Story

We knew this was going to happen,” said Linda Hembree, recalling when the tooth-supported bridge that had been used to replace six of her front teeth needed to be replaced – again. “The teeth underneath wouldn't hold it anymore and it was a choice of dentures or dental implants. I just felt at that time, at my age, I didn't want to have to take anything out of my mouth. I felt implants were the best way to go.
Julia A. Boswell form Gamma Grays

Patient information

Full name: Julia A. Boswell
Age: 26
Job: Manufacturing optician

Julia from / fibroids until she had the focused ultrasound treatment

Sample video


Linda said that her last tooth-supported bridge prior to implants looked nice and worked well but she had been told that it wouldn’t be a permanent solution or last as long as teeth restored with dental implants.

“I had one of the nicest bridges possible. But you can't beat the implants," said Linda, who has been putting her implant-supported bridge to the test since February 2010.

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