Facilities & Academic Support

City Dental College currently consists of 6 high-rise buildings at Malibagh Chowdhury Para with floor space of 30,300 sq. ft. All departments and offices are air-conditional.

Teachers and students forum : At the beginning of each session, teachers and students forum shall be formed by the Academic Council. This forum shall meet at least once a month to discuss about academic affairs.

Teaching Methods : Teaching is imparted through lectures, demonstrations,  tutorials, ward clinics, practical classes, field visits, guided study tour and surveys on health problems. Monthly clinical meetings are held on a regular basis. Teaching aids such as overhead projectors, slide projectors, multimedia projector, television with VCR and video-cassettes, computers with teaching CD-ROMS are used in the teaching of students.

New Campus : Our  college will be shifted to its own premises  at Nikunja North, Airport Road, Khilkkhet, Dhaka. At the new premises, it will be a full residential college, comprising of a newly built 15 storied college building 200 bedded well equipped modern hospital, separate boys and ladies hostel, teachers & staff  quarters, play ground and other amenities. Moreover, the college will provide its own transport from Dhaka to college campus.

Library : The total number of books is over 4000 and is constantly increasing. It  Subscribes about 5 journals and 45 magazines and has a separate reference and journal section. The library also has a separate study room.The library uses a modern database using CDS/ISIS. Users may find research materials, slides and A/V Cassettes and search a number of CD-ROM database.

Guardians Advisory Forum : The Guardians Advisory Forum and the Academic Council sit together twice a year and discuss about the academic program and development of the college.

Department of Career Services :

We established the Department of Career Services (DCS). Major functions of this department are :

Internship Placement : It allows students to get an exposure to professional life in their field of study. Here they are guided by the senior professional to tackle a lot of acute & chromic medical problem.

Job Placement & Job Search : The department assists graduate to search and find suitable jobs after graduation.

Study Aboard Program : Department of Career Services maintains a library which contains reference materials and books about TOEFL, IELTS, GRE and GMAT. It also has catalogues, files and information brochures of universities of USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

Extra Curricular Activities  :

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as :

  1. Sports and games
  2. Indoor Games
  3. Literary activities such as debates, seminars, publications of Annual Magazines.
  4. Cultural Activities.
  5. Humanitarian Services Such as free blood donation and free medicine supply for poor patients, relief works during natural calamities such as cyclones, floods, epidemics etc.
  6. Dental & Medical Camp in different places within Dhaka & outsides

 Convenient participation of the students:

  1. Duty Students : In each class, one student can be selected as a duty student. He/she will be provided with a special badage which he/she will have to put on all the time. He/she has to report to the Principal and Director about any matter he/she thinks to be modified. He/she will list any complaint or suggestion his/her fellow class students and communicate them to the authority.
  2. Students committee : A student committee will be selected by the authority who will discuss about matters of importance with the authority.

Students Forum :

Our students have excellent co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

These activities are taken place through various clubs, such as

Debating Club, Cultural Club, Photography Club, Movie Club, Computer Club, Social welfare Club, Games & Sports Club, Nature Study Club, Literature Club.

Co-Curricular Activities :

  1. Bi-monthly get together of the students, guardians and teachers is held.
  2. Cultural week is held in every year which includes indoor games competition, literature and cultural activates.
  3. Debating club, cultural society and literature club also organize different  events.

 The advisory Council : The advisory Council and the teachers and students forum meet every 3 months to discuss about the various activities of the college.

Dental Camp : Every month a group of dental surgeons along with students arrange a camp in and under-developed area and arrange for necessary free treatment for poor people.

Hospital : The college has a six-storied hospital building comprising of well-furnished, 65 general beds, two full fledged well equipped O.T. a modern X-ray unit, a fully equipped  modern laboratory and all other modern equipments and 35 modern dental units. The charge for the patient is very reasonable. Patient can avail proper services. And students can learn practically. The hospital is fully academic and has been made non-profitable; so as to attract patients who can be examined by students.

If any doctor of student put a demand to procure any instrument, whatever be the price, the thing will be procured.

Research Cell : A research cell is established in the college. If any research project of outstanding merit is submitted by a student or teacher, grant can be provided so that he can work on it.

Agreement of Academic Co-operation between City Dental College & Niigata University, Niigata, Japan : There is an agreement regarding faculty exchange. Student exchange Program, Participation in joint-venture Projects between Niigata University, Japan & City Dental College, Bangladesh from 2004.