The students must pay their monthly tuition fees & hostel fees (if applicable) by 7th  of each month. If they fail to pay monthly tuition fees within 7th  of each month, they have to pay late fees of Tk. 50/- per day for the 1st week. Afterward it shall be Tk. 100/- per day for rest 15 days. After 1 month his/her name shall be struck-off from the college register. If he/she intends to get himself/herself re-admitted after three months he/she will be re-admitted after paying as fine of Tk. 10,000/- and will clear up all the arrear tuition fees and other dues/fines applicable for re-admission subject to approval of the Academic Council. 

If a student fails to pay the dues for any 2  conservative installments, he/her name would be erased from the college register. In such circumstances, if he/she wishes to continue study, can take re-admission, as per rules laid down by the City Dental College.

Within 3 months : A fine of 10,000/- with all arrears dues.

After 3 months but within 1 year : A fine of Tk. 20,000/- plus all arrears dues.

More than 12 months : decision of the Academic Council will be necessary, whether he/she should be re-admitted or not.